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Best Email Marketing Company in Lucknow

Email marketing is an efficient means of advertising to businesses. Hanumant Technology is the best Email Marketing Company in Lucknow, we are providing bulk email service providers as well as email design, HTML, and content writing. HTML email marketing programs that are professionally designed and performed attract customers, engage them, and help you stay top of mind with fresh news and events.

We do Work on building E-Mailers that follow the corporate brand guidelines or assist in the creation of a new brand guideline. Our design specialists start with a full analysis of your present website, logo, and other marketing materials before creating consistent email messages.

✔️Top Email Marketing Company in Lucknow: Hanumant Technology talents cover all of the many skills that go into producing high-quality Email Marketing Services in Lucknow. Our team provides services in the areas of creative communications, advertising, and digital marketing. For clients all around the world, we do tasks of varying difficulties. Explore the range of services we provide and get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.

Why Choose Us:

In the digital age, it is quite easy to locate several Digital Marketing Company that offers Email Marketing Services in Lucknow. However, Hanumant Technology is not just another company in the industry. There is a significant difference between our firm and any other company that provides the same service, and this is due to the degree of devotion and experience that our staff possesses. To conduct an Email marketing campaign for you, Hanumant Technology Pvt Ltd employs the following skillset.

  • Email creative content writing
  • Email campaign management
  • Ability to design
  • Coding expertise (HTML
  • Tracking skills
  • Email marketing strategies
  • Welcome emails to customers
  • Email template layouts
  • Email list maintenance

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OUR Email Marketing Services in Lucknow:


  • Emails that are segmented and personalized
  • Drip Campaigns, Tigger or Interactive Campaigns
  • Fixing Approaches - Single or Multiple (Awareness, Engagement, Purchase, Retention/Growth, Testimonial Promotion, and so on)

Database Audit:

  • Build Mail Lists from Lead Generation by compiling mailing lists of customers.
  • Reformat and reload your mailing list.

Design Emails:

  • Plan and design a responsive email that works on both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Creating material that is easy to read, concise, and relevant while also branding the brand.

Create Campaigns:

  • Assesses the optimal day and time to deliver your messages, list segmentation, and customization possibilities.
  • Create and complete an email marketing calendar, which is often a monthly or quarterly task (based on the email volume).


  • Track the open rate for each campaign, which includes CTR, Bounced, total subscribed/unsubscribed, Forwards, Conversion rate, Customer Conversion, Email list growth, Geo Statistics, and web page traffic inflow.


  • With a custom report, measure the data from email campaigns and the parameters in the monitoring phase to assist align the sales and marketing teams' efforts/ROI.
  • Reports aid in the development of new campaign models and the use of A/B testing in email design.


  • Break down what worked and what didn't provide the desired results.
  • Connect with the client to discuss present and previous outcomes, as well as the road plan for the future.

Best Marketing Company in India

India's Best Marketers Are Working With Us

Hanumant Technology is the Best Email Marketing Company in Lucknow

Budget-Friendly Plans:

  • Whether you're a little business with a limited budget or a large corporation sending millions of messages, we have a solution for you. We have the most effective tools.

Client-centered strategy:

  • We keep track of your customers' preferences while creating or sending communications. Hanumant Technology Pvt Ltd can provide you with a quote.

Workplace Transparency:

  • We maintain a high level of transparency in our work so that you can see how your crusades are progressing.

Spread Your Message / Mails:

  • This innovative web-based advertising system has an unmistakable image of having access to a large number of potential and new clients, allowing your email to combat to assist your business quickly and interface inventively. Create and send personalized email campaigns in minutes. Boost your productivity. Begin right now! Revenue has increased by 37%.

Next Level Email Marketing:

  • Do you want to make your system more widely known? Allow our structural team to handle it for you. Our staff has your entire message safeguarded and can produce communications that your audience can't wait to receive, from startling format structure to expected email plans. You may relax after delegating our email marketing services in lucknow, and focus on other aspects of your business.

Exact Reporting and Higher Returns:

  • Take advantage of a broad range of advanced email marketing company in lucknow that simply organized and created with your specific desires and ideas in mind. While transforming your email marketing vision into a constant, we pay close attention to communicating a quick response, possible returns, and precise disclosing. This is what distinguishes us from others.

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