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AutoCAD Course & Training Institute in Lucknow

AutoCAD is the one stop destination for students pursuing architecture and engineering. It is the pinnacle of design and software combined together. You can learn it easily now with Hanumant Technology Pvt Ltd’s AutoCAD Course. Hanumant Technology Pvt Ltd is the proclaimed Best IT Company and Training Institute for all courses related to technology. We offer interesting courses that you can easily follow through and develop your skills within no time

What does AutoCAD refer to?

AutoCAD is a designing software for creating 2D and 3D modelling via Computers. CAD stands for Computer Aided Design which basically refers to the designs which can be made and processed by using computers. This makes the work of architects and engineers more convenient. It helps you in creating beautiful 2D and 3D models without any fancy tools required. You just need your computer and you are set to go. We offer an AutoCAD course that covers all the requirements needed to make architectural designs in our company and training institute. So, make sure to go through our website to get full insights on the AutoCAD course fees and register yourself.

What are the things covered in our course?

In our AutoCAD syllabus, we cover numerous things ranging from easy parts to complex parts which are explained thoroughly by our Experienced Trainers. The AutoCAD course training syllabus includes:

  • Our AutoCAD syllabus s includes the installation of the software in your computer. We explain the installation process in every step of your beginning at the course. We teach concepts like engineering drawing within the first few weeks of starting your course as it builds strong concepts before going on to AutoCAD drawing.
  • Our AutoCAD course Training deals with both modelling and scaling which are very essential components and need special attention. Our trainers provide exceptional knowledge as they are very experienced and have worked in many renowned projects in their career.
  • We also teach the fundamentals and basics of computers because we believe in providing quality education to our students. Our course is made with consideration for freshers and beginners.
  • The most important aspect that our course will cover will be of teaching you how to draw various designs and drawings in AutoCAD. This will be done once you complete all the concepts mentioned before. You can ask our trainers your queries anytime within your course.
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    Our services and impact

    We provide ample of services which will definitely suit your preferences and learning methods in our AutoCAD training institute. Our most significant services include:

    • Unlike courses that focus solely on front-end or back-end development, our full-stack development course aims to provide a well-rounded education covering both aspects of web development, ensuring students have a proper knowledge of the complete process.
    • Our course prioritizes the integration of emerging technologies and industry trends, such as new commands in programming, computing techniques, and code developments, to ensure students are equipped with cutting-edge skills relevant to today's tech landscape.
    • We recognize that students may have different backgrounds and career goals, so our full-stack development training institute offers flexibility in learning paths, allowing students to tailor their learning experience to focus on specific technologies, industries, or job roles within full-stack development.
    • AutoCAD Disciplines
    • Computer Fundamentals
    • Expert Trainers
    • Career Support
    • Clear Curriculum
    • Proper Scheduling
    • Query Solving
    • Regular Projects and Assignments
    • Timely Quizzes

    Hence, you can avail all of these great opportunities that come along with our AutoCAD syllabus and get enrolled today. We make sure that our students leave satisfied with what they have learnt at our institute. We have been impacting lives for over 4 years and many students have made splendid careers after learning from our courses. They have bagged good jobs and are satisfied with the time they spent learning at our institute. We are highly proud of them and we hope that you can also be a part of this journey and improve your career. So, get in contact with us to know about the AutoCAD course fees.

How will learning from our course help you in the future?

The AutoCAD course we provide helps in the overall development of your strengths and skills. These will come very handy for you in the future as there is an increasing demand of drawings and models made using the renowned software designing tool which is AutoCAD. By obtaining this skill from our course, you can apply to your dream job and get a good placement. We also offer placement opportunities with a track record of 100% placement. Additionally, we provide career support for you in your journey. Our trainers are very skilled mentors and will give you proper guidance regarding the job opportunities you have in mind.

We have worked over the years to build a strong community of learners who have gained knowledge through our courses and established their career paths in our AutoCAD training institute. . Our trainers offer help in all aspects of your journey. We even give guidance to you regarding building your resume and preparing for the interviews needed to qualify for different jobs. We understand that students need guidance throughout their course and even after it ends. Thus, we have made sure to support our students by covering all the things which are required before going for a job.


Therefore, if you are looking for the best autocad course in Lucknow, join us at our AutoCAD training institute Hanumant Technology Pvt Ltd and learn all the skills needed to qualify for your dream job with an affordable pricing and quality content. Hence, inquire about the AutoCAD Course fees structure and make sure to register yourself in our website which has a registration portal. We also offer courses in different technical fields so check them out too.

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